7 Killer Ways To Beat Jet Lag

7  Little Tips To Beat Down Jet Lagging…

It  is normal  that  one  experiences  Jet Lag  while  travelling.  So  too is  one  feels  rather  tense or  tired .  Hence  below few steps  would help  overcome the same…

Being Normal

Many times  you  may  not  travel for a  long time during which  period   just  be yourself and  feel homely… do not think  too much…. this  helps  you  relax  and the  sooner  the journey would be over… and you are  back home safe.

Consume  Fluids.

Travelling  sometimes  can cause  dehydration.  Hence  practice  to  drink  water  and fresh fruit  juices  at frequent intervels.  Never  forget to  carry   fruit  juices  with you. At any cost  avoid  Alchohol  during  air travel… which helps  keep onself intact and  also the environment around.

Time Zones

One  needs to  be alert  about  the  changing  time zones.  Hence  reset  your  watch  accordingly  and  also start  to  follow  those timings  then on.  Like  having  lunch  or  breakfast  and  having  sleep  to the local conditions…  By  adopting  to  the  new  daylights or  darkness helps  to  maintain  the rhythms.

Good  Sleep

Tough  but  need to sleep  according to  the new time zones  while  air travelling.  The  sleeping  rhythm  also needs to  be  maintained.. so  try  to listen  to music  and  close your eyes  which  makes you  fall asleep  sooner or later.  Sometimes  an  you may have to extend  your journey  in  which case  needs to  adjust  or  readjust to  another time  zone  where  one  may have to use a  single pill  to  try and have  good sleep..  though  not  recommended  but  your body  gets  the  due rest to  be  able to  work  during  the day.

As you Land..

Do not stick to your seat.  Just a  few rounds of  walking  or  a  breathing  excercise  can  help  rejuvnate your energy levels .  Carrying  some  good  travel aids like  soothing oils  and  note book  with s ome important  tips or  informations  required  during your stay  is always  most helpful  and  makes  things  easier.

One of the best ways to avoid jet lag is to do some form of exercise when you arrive at your destination. This can be as simple as a walk or a few calisthenics in your hotel room. Do a few jumping jacks to get your heart pumping or start touring the town.


With all of these tips, jet lag will no longer follow you on your next trip.

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